EMU Subscriber Manipulation Platform

Transforming the way subscriber data is managed

Managing the complexity of subscriber data within BroadWorks networks

EMU, a BroadSource product, stands for ‘Extraction, Manipulation and Update’.

Many global Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Service Providers use EMU to solve their Subscriber Migration, Audit, Update and Provisioning issues en masse, simplifying management of their BroadWorks™ platform


Ability to migrate subscribers from one customer group to another or from one cluster to another.

Subscriber migration is constant challenge for service providers who need to move subscribes around there network.

Required for customer contract changes, mergers, acquisitions and divestures. Until now, Service Providers have manually re-built customer configurations, by hand.


EMU can perform audits at a range of levels: whole platform, enterprise, group or subscriber.

It can zero in on a single feature for all users or all features for a single user. An audit identifies missing licenses, weak passwords, registered devices and a range of other attributes.

EMU can audit an entire group, circa 2,500 attributes, and hundreds of users, circa 850 attributes per user, representing tens of thousands of settings per customer group.

The perfect platform to implement Customer Group Backup.


With EMU your provisioners can bulk change feature settings, set passwords and populate missing fulfilment data.

You can standardise your platform deployment with best practices and product templates.

EMU operates at all BroadWorks™ levels, most features and reports on all changes.

The perfect platform to restore a Customer Group Backup or re-baseline a configuration to a known state .


EMU can provision users, virtual users, groups and enterprises in bulk from fulfilment sheets.

EMU assigns all required services and short-cuts the provisioning cycle from fulfilment sheet to active subscribers.

EMU utilises a single workbook for all provisioning activities.

Customised macros can be used to tailor the provisioner’s experience and to streamline the provisioning process.


EMU reduces the time a help desk operator spends trying to find a customer configuration issue.

Comparing a known working customer configuration with the current configuration, in real time, saves the help desk dozens of minutes per call. Zeroing in on the potential issue by visually showing the difference in a matter of seconds.

No longer are the help desk operators asking twenty questions, flying blind, trawling through CommPilot to isolate the customer mis-configuration.

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More great reasons to use EMU

  • Migrations to load balance subscribers across AS clusters
  • Migrations from one BroadWorks platform to another
  • Service Pack Updates
  • Service pack and License compliance reporting
  • En masse Updates to subscriber data
  • En masse Provisioning of Hosted UC and SIP Trunking services
  • Compare customer configurations in an instant