How BroadSource works

Simple, dependable and economical BroadWorks tasks in three easy steps.

The WHAT, WHEN and HOW of your BroadWorks task

Getting started. We'll estimate the effort and set a budget. You'll know exactly what's involved!

Describe your task, set the dates, nominate the key contacts and we will tell you what the estimated budget is for the task.
Remember, we only charge for 'Productive Hours', so only the actual time spent will be charged!
scoping the task

Reviewing the task budget

You'll need to know what you're up for!
We generate a budget estimation so that you know exactly how much effort is involved.

Draw down to get going!

The fastest way to start is to use engineering time in your PAYG plan. We will estimate your pre- and post-task balance and reserve these hours. Once the task is delivered and accepted by you, we'll draw down only the actual time spent from your balance.

Top Ups!

If you need more engineering time to get started, that's OK. You can 'top up' at any time.

Reviewing the task details

Before we get started, all the task details and deliverables are clearly laid out in front of you. By 'Accepting and Proceeding' we'll allocate our best engineer to your 'Task Room' and invite you to the join the team for the 'kick off' session.
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