About BroadSource

We create innovative products

From fourteen years of design and deployment experience across many platforms and geographies, we see the challenges that many Service Providers face. Simplification of the user experience and management of the complex BroadWorks platform led us to the development of our two flagship platforms.

PiPA is our Mobile Persona Assistant that combines simple user experiences with powerful BroadWorks Services to drive Cloud UC adoption.

EMU is our Subscriber Migration Platform that manages the complexity of subscriber data within BroadWorks networks. EMU stands for ‘Extraction, Manipulation and Update’.

Many global Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Service Providers use EMU to solve their Subscriber Migration, Audit, Update and Provisioning issues en masse, simplifying management of their BroadWorks™ platform

Simple, dependable and economical services

Since starting on version 8.0 of the product, back in 2002, we have completed hundreds of BroadWorks related projects. Simple monthly out-tasking via subscription services through to full systems integration of BroadWorks, IMS and mobile networks is how we keep busy.

We are trusted with the design and implementation of the most complex Cloud UC solutions. Our project management and engineering team are renowned to be the most experienced in the world.

Our clients have told us they find skills hard to find and that we are the difference in getting to the outcomes they need.

We believe

  • We have a specific role to play. We don’t pretend to solve your biggest problems! You own the BroadWorks strategy and direction and we offer a service that allows you to get on with it. We always look to add more value, but we know our place too!
  • We need to earn your trust and support. We know our products and services are disruptive and alternative way to use BroadWorks services and get projects done. Unlocking the BroadWorks capability, driving adoption and consumption of the UC service is our ambition. We do this with our products in EMU and PiPA. We hope, that you can trust us to then help you in the design, deployment and management of your BroadWorks platform. We want to earn your trust and the right to do business with you for many years to come. We do this through our actions and deliverables.
  • Quality and timeliness is a given. Although we are only one part of our client’s program of work a fundamental reason for choosing our service is our attention to detail. We strive to complete all tasks to the level of quality and timeliness that exceeds your expectation and ability. Why else would we exist?
  • Experience drives quality outcomes. We rely on our crew to have experience that meets or exceeds your own capability. That’s why you choose to work with us. We believe you should not be paying for a resource to train on the job. By hand selecting our experienced crew, we can guarantee a highly productive outcome meaning you only pay for productive hours.
  • Customer service is all that really matters. We exist because of our clients. We believe our future totally depends on how we service you. Fast, accurate and friendly customer service is critical to us and our clients.
  • Inclusion and transparency is expected. When you start trusting us with your BroadWorks tasks you want to know exactly what is going on. We believe in an open, transparent and inclusive partnership with you and your team. At the core of the BroadSource platform is our collaborative approach. You will always know exactly what is going on.

Meet our Management Team

Haydn Faltyn

Haydn_FaltynHaydn is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of BroadSource. Haydn believes that new disruptive business models that challenge old conventions unlock the opportunities to leap ahead. Like industry has embraced ‘Cloud’ computing and Software as a Service, Haydn deeply believes, having built telco engineering teams for 20 years, that a crew that delivers highly specialised Products like EMU and PiPA, coupled with Professional Services as a Service (PSaaS) is the answer to the project supply and demand problems facing Telcos around the world.

Jason Thals

Jason Thals_4Jason is the co-founder and COO of BroadSource. Jason is passionate about delivering simple and elegant applications and online solutions to his clients and staff. In the hands of experienced BroadWorks developers and engineers, powerful internet project and collaboration technologies supercharge the team and the client experience.